About The Photographer 

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! 
Here is a little bit of background about myself and Arrowcreek Portraits! My name is Katie Harding and I currently live in SW Washington just across the border from Portland, Oregon with my three young kids, two dogs, one cat and three fish... Literally living in my own mini zoo! But gosh I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Being a creative and an artist is my passion! But outside of that you'll find me sipping on an extra hot cup of coffee, chasing my littles around playing tag, enjoying church on Sundays and shopping at any of the local vintage stores. Because seriously, who doesn’t love those cute shops?! 

I started Arrowcreek Portraits just back in 2014, but MY WORD has she grown since! Over the years I’ve had many people and clients ask how Arrowcreek got it's name and I am here to shed some light on the subject! I named my business Arrowcreek because at the time we were living off a road called Bridgecreek. I thought about naming my business that, but it didn't mean anything to me personally. That's when it hit me! I wanted to have a business that hit home and touched hearts of others. An Arrow points in the direction you want it to go. I wanted a business that "hit home"... Thus Arrowcreek Portraits was born!


Photo by Vada Moon Photography